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giftware, planters, waste bins, coal scuttles, tole tea cans, tole boxes, wooden boxes, trays, vases, antique furniture, mirror frames, antique finsh items, decorative gift articles, wrought iron products,  waste bins, coal scuttles, tole tea cans, trays, vases, tables, chairs, cabinets, racks, tray tables

' Gora Exports ' with a personal touch ...

Gora Exports was incorporated in October 1994. I, 'Anil Arora ' being proprietor would like to share  my thoughts and experiences with you in the field of Handicrafts as I attained maturity.

The creative field of handicraft has always been quite fascinating for me and I associated myself with this field in as early as 1974 (Gora Traders). This line has always offered challenges to me in designing & development. I started manufacturing trophies, mementoes and various gift items in aluminium and brass and thereafter worked enormously in iron and wrought iron (Gora Industries). I did lot of Brass and Aluminium casting and finally decided to live with colors and Hand painting in Gora Exports !

This now seems to me ultimate as my wife Dr Sushma Arora, although an Associate Professor of Physics at JNV University, Jodhpur has shown keen interest in the field of designing. Her passionate involvement in design and development has added glorious chapters to Gora Exports.

In Gora Exports, we both are involved personally ! Our designing capability on shapes and decoration on various shapes is now well recognized and it has given us expertise with unsurpassed capability to meet the needs of different customers.

Both of us are the proud owners of export awards at different timings. We can produce considering the interest and imagination of our customers and then go about producing original unique and exclusive products for you with a personal touch ...