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Hand Paintings - Reflecting the vibrant and varying moods.

Human mind loves peace, serenity & above all Beauty! We at Gora Exports create Beautiful designs! Depending upon the changing moods - endless are the colors and designs. We can paint almost everything ! and anything. Let it be a painting of a charming floral frieze with versatile wisteria or magnificent hanging grapes with twining branches and delicate leaves. Botanical flowers representing the moods of spring can be admired on various shapes or you can enjoy the country scenes with French country roosters. Reproduction of a traditional antique piece is our specialty and our designers can harmonize the art depicting European Heritage or old Chinese art . All this can be blended magically with modern craftsman ship.

To add to variety, we can give various faux finishes on Metal or Wooden items. The surfaces before decoration can be transformed to match various styles of country finishes. The Tole & Wooden ware can be accented with imperfections and uneven texture to give rustic or less sophisticated look of the country. We can provide you with color washing, distressing, staining, liming, antiquing, waxing etc etc...

If the need be of high end market we love to create sophisticated surfaces to your taste.